Granny's Old Fashioned Lye Soap

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Granny's Old Fashioned Lye Soap.

We have 2 varieties of this Old Fashioned Soap. Our Heritage Soap is for bathing, it can be found in the 'Bathery' section. Our Granny's Soap is for cleaning purposes.

There's nothing quite like this homemade lye soap recipe for general household cleaning and taking tough stains out of clothes, especially salvaging antique linens.

Lye soap had many historical uses in addition to general household and floor cleaning. There was a time when a Lye Soap recipe provided the only source of basic hygiene available. Lye soap was generally made once a year, coinciding with Autumn Harvest in preparation for Winter.

Lye soap is a part of Appalachian history, and I make it the historical way from the same recipe that my grandparents used. For those of you with 'fond memories' of childhood, remembering soap so strong 'it practically took your skin off,' well, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!!!

This soap can be grated for laundry or used for whatever your heart desires.

Ingredients: Lard, Distilled Water and Sodium Hydroxide (Lye).

Approx Weight: 5.5oz