Pyro Pucks. 5 Fire Starters.

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Pyro Pucks. 5 Fire Starters.

Our Pyro Pucks are an easy way to get your wood burning fire started. Each one burns 20-45 minutes. 



Our fire starters are made from our soy blend wax and natural items such as cinnamon sticks, orange peels, tree trimmings, wood shavings, pine cones, flowers, etc. 

The Fire Starters may have fragrance oil mixed in (we usually use cinnamon, pine, etc). The scent will not over power the fire scent once the fire has been started. Fire Starters are not made to change the smell of fire. The fire starters completely burn up so there is no remaining wax after the fire has burned out.

Fire Pucks have items made by Mother Nature in them which can be prickly so please handle with care. The fire starters are made when you order them. The natural items will dry out and not remain vibrant for long periods of time but will burn just as well when used!  

Packaged in a Kraft gift box. When the box is empty it can be added to the fire, recycled or composted.




Place Fire Puck in woodstove, fireplace or fire pit. Light the wick and allow to burn for at least 30 seconds before adding wood on top.